How I got here is a long story and there is not enough room here to tell it all. I have always been a fixer and a maker. Taking things apart to see how they worked or making something out of odds and ends hanging around. Both of my grandfathers were also makers. One, had a small machine shop in his basement
and customized cars in his garage. The other worked in a furniture factory where solid maple furniture was manufactured. When I was young it always amazed me to see what they could do. My mother was a very talented artist who never quite had enough confidence in herself to get her work into the public eye. My first remembrance of her doing any kind of art was watching her color black and white photos with oil paints. It was amazing. Later in life she did several paintings in acrylics and you will see their influence in some of my work. My dad always told me whatever you do, give it your best and you will be ok and if you make something that people need you will be fine.

Fast forward to now, at 70 and having sold our small manufacturing company, which my wife (best friend) and I built from scratch. Now officially “retired”, I’m busier than ever creating and doing what I’m passionate about.

Twenty plus years ago I purchased a small plasma table setup. I learned how to make some decorative items and some practical ones. I had an idea that I could take recycled copper from plumbing pipe and use it to make sculptures. I always had a habit of drawing trees so I thought why not make some trees. So I started collecting used copper pipe, purchased a large jewelers rolling mill, set up my torches and started processing copper pipe into leaves, branches, trunks and other parts of the tree. On the larger trees, I cut leaves from scraps of copper sheets. Then brazed with a silver bearing brazing rod (from my refrigeration and A/C days) creating trees. I created many from about 18” tall to over 6 feet tall.There are some pictures in the gallery section. I soon found out that the pounding of the copper on an anvil was taking its toll on my wrist, causing pain and discomfort.

At this point we were busy with starting our manufacturing company as a side hustle in the garage of our home. This put a halt on any artistic endeavors for a few years. After ten years as the company grew my interest in making artistic things surfaced. This time it was with a CNC router setup to create signs and 3D art pieces. A new machine and new software to learn. As our business continued to grow, spare time was short. Later, I became interested in lasers so I had to have one of those. Well maybe two. Made a lot of new things and learned a lot.

The time came to sell the company and retire. Selling a company is an all consuming process albeit a good one. I stayed on as a consultant for two years. Dottie found a new house which she said, “you are going to love”. She was right! It had a separate building. My dream shop was found at last! Finally out of the basement and into a large space with lots of windows and natural light.

During the last few years, I learned to love hand carving. I started with greenwood carving of spoons and soon worked my way into carving
other objects. With a new workshop and a clean slate, I was ready to set up my equipment. My large space filled quickly, setting up specific areas for all my different equipment and processes. Once fully retired, I was creating several different types of art. Eventually, I accumulated too many pieces to display and people were asking if I would be interested in selling. After much thought I decided to develop my own website to share my creations and see where this journey will take me.

I will only make a series of six, at the most, of any one piece of laser or CNC art. They are numbered, dated and signed. They are custom framed and
ready to hang for your enjoyment. My hand carved pieces are all one of a kind. All pieces will be signed.

I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating each piece!

Mike Bernasconi